History of Zuri

Secrets of Zirje Island


Žirje Italian: Zuri; Latin: Zurium/Surium is an island and a settlement in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea situated in the Šibenik archipelago, about 22 kilometres (14 miles) southwest of Šibenik, which makes it the most remote permanently inhabited island in the Šibenik archipelago.

In 12th and 13th century the island was encircled by fortresses and walls and are a reminder of the Byzantine fortress from 6th century are situated at island. 

The ferry port on the island connects it via the D128 route to Šibenik.

Zirje panorama Zuri
Zirje pristanište - Zuri


In the southern part of the Žirje island two Byzantine fortresses are
located – Gradina and Gustirna. They formed part of the maritime limes
(Limes maritimus) constructed during the 6th c. at the time of Justinian,
emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. Gradina fortress is one of the
best preserved and one of the few fully explored Justinian fortresses.
It covers the area of approximately 3000 m², surrounded by a double

Byzantine Zuri fortress
Byzantine Zuri fortress wall
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